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Where All Animals Are Treated Like Kings and Queens

Pet Palace Animal Refuge is an animal shelter like no other. Our goal is to not only house abused, abandoned, and unwanted animals, but to give them a temporary home full of all the love and compassion of a true forever home-- a palace in which all pets that enter are treated like kings and queens. 


   Pet Palace Animal Refuge

 The mission of Pet Palace Animal Refuge is to provide a safe and happy temporary home for abused, abandoned, and unwanted animals. Our goal is to provide animals with every possible chance to join a forever home through rehabilitation programs and all necessary veterinarian needs. We also focus greatly on the education of animal welfare and responsibility of pets for younger generations through our Kids&Kritters program. 

Our Mission


Our Guarantee

We guarantee a 100% save rate of all animals that enter our shelter and all pets in our care will receive as much love and attention as they would in their forever home.